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To build up something great, you often need to tear something down. At Terra, that’s how we feel every time we begin a new design. We throw out any preconceived notion of what a safety standard should be, and hold each boot design to our own exacting specifications.

Research andDevelopment

What begins in the lab makes its way underfoot. Terra technologies employed in our boots are accessible technologies for everyday applications for hard workers expecting pinnacle performance.

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Terra operates and maintains its own CSA testing facility at its head office in Cambridge, Ontario where we rigorously test every boot that hits the design table.

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Work BootConstruction

Terra boots employ several construction methods. Learn how this process creates the most advanced work boots in the world.

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Work BootAnatomy

Terra work boots use a combination of full grain leathers with sealed seams, ballistic (or high denier) nylon, rustproof eyelets and high tensile stitching.

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Chief Technician The Silver Fox

Terra HQ Labs.Design and Testing.

Rules are meant to be broken. Standards are meant to be redefined. At Terra that’s a constant, not an exception. The research, testing, and boot construction, undertaken at our Innovation Center results in the leading edge safety systems found in your everyday work wear.

Terra Innovation Design Center

Our Process.Simplified.

Research & Testing

Learn more about what technologies we've pioneered in our safety and performance footwear and how they integrate to give you maximum safety and comfort.

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